Thursday, 17 May 2012


Typical!  Just as I start to get back into my stride at the gym, disaster strikes! 

There I was, into the last 30 second sprint of my interval training on the treadmill, when "POP!".  Honestly, I heard it - something went POP in my left leg.  After struggling to stop the treadmill and having to hop about like a loon until it slowed down I realised I could barely put any weight on my left leg unless I walked on my heel only.  A trip to the walk in centre confirmed that I luckily hadn't ruptured my achilles - that would have been indescribably bad.  I have "merely" torn my calf muscle.

It's very depressing.  No running for weeks and it's my very favourite way to exercise.  Nothing compares to it for lifting those blues and making me feel alive.  But hey ho, I will speak to my trainer on Friday morning and see what fun we can have until my leg is better!

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