Monday, 7 May 2012

Mixed Bag

I don't really like Bank Holidays.  Don't get me wrong, I like time off work as much as the next person, but the Other Half doesn't get Bank Holidays off work so I often find I have a free day to myself and limited transport due to the buses only running a Sunday service. 

And so I find myself sitting here this morning wondering how I am going to spend my day.  I spent the weekend doing my usual weekend stuff - doing the food shopping for the week, catching up on laundry, getting more of my knitting done - so what does that leave me with for today?  I was thinking about hitting the gym but due to the Sunday bus service running today I'm not going to be able to get there until later.  Plus the weather is supposed to be turning nasty later and I really don't fancy getting soaked on the way to the gym!  Although looking at the weather at the moment you wouldn't think we were in for heavy rain today.
This is the view from my bedroom window...isn't it glorious out there!  Makes me want to go for a long walk but it is actually really cold so I am going to stay here in the toasty warm with my fluffy socks and my central heating!

I could spend the day finishing Elijah:
 As you can see he now has arms and I have just started on the first ear.  Looks painful doesn't it?  If you have ever knit with double-pointed needles you will understand just how incredibly fiddly they can be and when you add to that the fact that you are picking up stitches on an irregularly-shaped and already-stuffed piece, well you can guess how tangled my fingers get!!
Another option for the day is to catch up on some reading.  I have quite a few books part-read and unstarted that are sat on the window sill waiting for my attention:
Unfortunately for me I have trouble reading when my moods are high, as they are at the moment.  I have trouble concentrating on anything for more than 10 minutes and sitting still to read is only really possible when I am confined to the bus on the way to work!  Saying that, I have trouble reading when my moods are very low as well so who knows when I will get through that lot!!

Ah well, with so many options I'm sure I will manage to fill my day somehow! Happy Bank Holiday everyone!

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