Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pain and Pleasure

I managed to finally get my big wobbly butt back to the gym last Monday for the first time in oh, about 2 years!  I intended to go most nights after work and just have a run and then maybe have a session or two doing something a bit different, like cycling or cross-training, just to break the routine.  However, I was offered a free personal training session with the lovely Sarah who showed me the joys of kettlebells on Thursday night and I have to say I really enjoyed the routine and having Sarah there to encourage me.  So I have signed up for a training session with her once or twice a fortnight, depending on how things go and I have to say, I am loving the exercise so far.  It feels so freeing to push yourself to achieve that extra 100 metres, that extra weight, those extra five seconds in a wall sit and to actually do it!

I am feeling the pain today though.  Two nights in a row of burning the fat has made my muscles cry a little so today is a day of rest - a slightly forced day of rest as my energy levels are quite high at the moment, but I will have to direct that into geting my laundry done instead!

The reason for all this energy and new-found motivation is my mood has swung upwards for its expected springtime high.  I'm nowhere near as manic as I could be but I am finding myself accomplishing more, and taking more on, such as the gym and becoming part of the social team at my Slimming World group.  This behaviour in the past has always been worrying as I have trouble maintaining the levels of effort and enthusiasm once the high passes, especially when my mood drops to depression again which is undoubtedly will in the summer (if the lithium doesn't work!).  But I can't deny myself in these short periods where I actually feel like I am the person I was meant to be and I am enthusaistic and enjoying life and doing things and seeing people and I'm not afraid to try new things out.  I am hoping this year that the wonder drug will work and this happy time will not pass but will become the "norm" and I won't be forced by my own moods to give up on things I am loving at the moment.


  1. Hey hun, very interesting reading. How's your elephant coming along? xx

  2. Slowly! I have almost one leg done plus the head and body. I always get stalled by the fiddlyness of picking up the stitches for the limbs but I will get there!